As  result of great wish of enthusiasts and as growning need for helicopter pilot training in this part of the europe Helimaster flight school  for helicopter and fix wing pilots is established 20.04.2010. founder of school is mr. Goran Krneta, professional helicopter pilot, flight instructor and test pilot.

Pilot trainning program for helicopters and fix wing aircraft is based on easa part FCL1 requierments and standards .Pilot license achieved in helimaster school is recognizable in all easa europian countries.

Our main goal is to our students gain knowledge and skills that will provide highest level of security in mannaging aircraft, and therefore, to become part of the world pilots family. School teaching team is made of experienced pilots and flight instructos. All ground instructors and pilots are high educated staff that guarantee the best way to tranfer their knowledge and skills to our students-pilot.

To all our  students we wish gain their pilot license and touch the sky.

Meet the team